It’s all in your mind.

21 May

So, we have been getting a lot of positive feedback on the inspirational posts Danny has been writing for my website. It helps him get his thoughts on paper (or screen), and it has helped and inspired so many people already. We hope you are enjoying them as much as we are!

This week we are talking about Ego. Our journey with CrossFit has not only been a physical one, but an emotional and mental one as well. I believe that you not only have to exercise physically, but every time you step foot into the gym you are in a constant battle with your own mind. Although we compete against each other all the time, really we are also competing with ourselves. We all have that little voice in our heads that tells us we can’t do something. FEAR. It runs our lives, and we don’t even realize it.

Without further adieu, I will leave you with Danny’s thoughts. Don’t forget to post your thoughts or inspiration in the comments section.


Photo courtesy of Fashletics

“Ego — I’m on my own jock still, ‘cause if I don’t say I’m the best, tell me who the hell will?” ~ Phife from A Tribe Called Quest

A positive attitude and confidence are two “skills” that deserve 100% of our focus during hard training sessions and competitions. The most successful people are those with the best attitude and the most confidence. There are countless examples of athletes and business people who have used this to their advantage. First, let’s look at attitude, since confidence is just taking it a step further.

There are epic battles in my mind in my daily training sessions. They look a little like this: I walk into the gym and start warming up. Already, there is a little voice saying “you don’t have to do this. Did you see the workout? It sucks. You suck at half of these movements. This will not be fun.” That voice is already trying to sabotage me before I even begin. Fast forward. 3, 2, 1, GO. Training begins. I am out of the gates like a madman. Then I get uncomfortable. The voice tries to cloud my thoughts again. This is when I begin to repeat my mantra, “YOU ARE THE BEST.” I don’t have to think too much about this. If I’m the best, I am not going to slow down like that loser is telling me to do. I am not going to walk. I am not going to drop the bar. Champions don’t do that.

Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it? Don’t think it will change much? I dare you to come up with your own mantra and try it. You will be surprised how foggy and #%$@ed up your mind can get if you don’t use this strategy. It used to happen to me all the time. I would just get tired and stop. Why did I stop?! First of all, those breaks I took were 1) not going to help me recover during a workout, and 2) just going to slow me down. So I have been practicing this every single time I train. By the time I get to the gym, I have gone over the workout in my head several times. I’m going to sprint on the running portion. I’m going to go unbroken on the kettlebell swings. You get the point. It is translating into some really good results right now.

A positive attitude is also crucial during competitions. If you have reviewed the standards, and you possess the strength and the skill to perform all of the movements prescribed, your mental state will dictate how well you do. I remember stepping out there for my first competition last year, which was Clash of the Fittest. 51 RX males who were all great athletes. I remember feeling a little intimidated and inexperienced. That will not happen again (more on that later). Bottom line—it’s you against yourself out there. Only you stand in your way. Talk to the best athletes and some will not even be aware of this. They just inherently DON’T HOLD THEMSELVES BACK. I became aware of this problem a while back thanks to my coaches and some friends at my gym. So now I know that it is completely in my control.

This leads me to the second skill—confidence. This goes hand in hand with a positive attitude, but it takes it a step further. I am really starting to grasp the scope of how powerful the mind can be. From now on, I will tell myself that I am the best. I know, it sounds cocky/egotistical. I felt uncomfortable even typing that. But seriously, who the hell cares?! If I want to be the best, I HAVE TO BELIEVE IT FIRST. So, every time I go in that gym, I am going to tell myself that I am the best. It very well could be that the guys I’m competing against are more experienced and more skilled than I am. But today is the day I will edge them out. That will be my mantra. “YOU ARE THE BEST.”


Jewelry pictured is Fashletics.

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